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Pain Points

Unintended consequences

The problem

Group A manages Component A. Group B manages Component B. A depends on B.

Group B makes a change to their app. Application B now runs better than ever!

Group A's app stops working. They don't know why.

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

The solution

Make changes in components visible to teams that *depend* on those components, not just the teams that manage them. Baqbeat identifies dependencies between components. Relationships can be discovered automatically, or manually configured by users. Look at a component's history in Baqbeat, and you can see the history of the components it depends on as well.

Org chart debugging

The problem

"It works fine in our test environment! What's wrong with production? Can we just look at the servers?"

"Absolutely not! There's sensitive data in the servers. Besides, you developers might break something!"

The solution

Baqbeat allows users to see the configuration of systems without having access to those systems. This means teams can compare environments without granting others access to sensitive data, or giving them the ability to make unintended changes in the system.